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Tesco views at www.tescoviews.com  is an amazing survey which provides you amazing opportunity to win £1000 gift card along with 25 club points. All you have to do is to fill out the survey at www.tescoviews.com and grab your chance to win your enormous prize of £1000. This is a simple customer feedback survey from Tesco. The Tesco survey is a source of direct interaction between customers and the management of the company.


Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the UK. To know about their services they initiate their online survey known as TescoViews. By completing the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey you can win a £1,000 Tesco gift card and collect free 25 Clubcard points. If you recently visited Tesco Store and you have a receipt, then visit the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey website and take a part in the Tesco survey.

What you have to do is to fill out the questionnaire related to the products and services of Tesco for their customers. Your candid feedback is one of the most important things required to make better changes. Tesco Views feedback can lead you to win £1000 grand prize and 25 club points.

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What TescoViews Want to Know?

They want to know about the quality and products they offered to their customers. Along with this, they want to know the standards of cleanliness, their environment and will you refer it to your friends and family. What was the type of order and how much you enjoyed shopping here?


Tesco ranks itself as one of the famous and renowned store chains which have a wide variety of fresh milk, dairy, and other grocery items for daily use. This article is really useful for you if you want to take the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey. It’ll provide you with accurate and brief details related to www.tescoviews.com survey.

Prerequisites: Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey

Make sure to have:


  • A valid and in-use Tesco receipt. Provide your date of visit and a code of 4 digits from your recently visited receipt.
  • Further, PC, smartphone, and a laptop.
  • Understanding of either English or Spanish as the Tesco survey is only available in these languages.

Rules: Tesco Feedback Survey

Follow the following rules:

  • Be 18 or more at the time of your participation in the Tesco feedback survey.
  • Legal residency in UK or USA is a must.
  • When you’ll enter data and code 1st thing they will make sure that you are not the employee or family of the employee. They are banned from the www.tescoviews.com survey.


Rewards and Prizes from Tesco Store Survey

Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey previous winners are:

Click To View Winners List of TescoViews Survey 

  • £1000 gift card every month.
  • 25 Tesco Survey Club Points.

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Step by Step Guideline for www.tescoviews.com

  • Go to their official website or click below to start the survey.

  • Enter 4 digit code and date of your visit. If you don’t have a survey code then you can use this TescoViews Survey code which is 2806 and the time of visit is 12 April 2018.
  • Make sure you are not an employee of Tesco.
  • Answer next, the time and date of your visit. After that, they will ask you different questions related to the services, the employees. You have to tell them that if you are a student or not or your income.
  • After answering all the questions, they will thank you for your honest and candid feedback. You are now a member of the sweepstakes to win a £1000 gift card.
  • Make sure to give your candid feedback and accurate contact info so in case of a win. They contact you.

Contact Info: Tesco Views Survey

Their contact information is mentioned on their website and all the links are available. So make sure to contact them in case of any complaint.

  • Customer service: 0800 505555
  • Technical support: 0800 323 4060

Tesco was founded decades ago in 1919 by Jack Cohen Their business expanded so rapidly and in few decades the number of stores reaches to 100.

I hope this article will provide you with all the details related to your www.tescoviews.com survey. Make sure to take part in the Tesco Views Survey and grab your chance to win £1000.

85 thoughts on “www.TescoViews.com – Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022”

  1. Mrs Elaine Smith

    Shopping at Tesco’s always at ease,staff polite and ready to please,goods of value for all your needs,satisfaction it guarantees! Thankyou.

    1. The other day when paying at the self service I have left my banker’s card in the machine and left your Tesco Store in New Malden in Beverley Way. As I was just about to get out through the door, your staff Ms Vibha Shrimanker, caught up with me and gave me back my card. She has noticed how absentminded I was and made sure that no one else laid their hands on my bankers card. How is that for the honesty and integrity????
      I would like to commend Ms Shrimanker for the Tesco award of the Best Staff in 2018. She has saved me not only money but a lot of a heartache. I am an elderly person with a heart condition and a card loss would have made me very unwell. Thank you Ms Shrimanker!!

    2. My local Tesco Metro on Bethnal Green Road corner of Rushmead is a very sad place inside and out. I live 5 minutes away but do anything to avoid going there, it doesn’t feel cared for inside, the fresh food, meat, fish and vegetables look tired, it doesn’t feel clean inside or outside, staff always smoking outside and leave a pile of dog ends on the ground, Rushmead at the side of Tesco is in bad need of repair Tesco could be the force behind making this street attractive to walk down. The people who work there are lovely and as helpful as they can be, but, you cannot ask them about wine because “they don’t drink alcohol” I wanted chestnuts for stuffing but they’d never heard of them and couldn’t find them. Unlike other supermarkets organic fresh fruit and vegetables are practically none existent. There is no health food shop in Bethnal Green so like a lot of others I walk to Sainsburys in Whitechapel to buy organic fruit and vegetables.

  2. Mrs Jocelyn j Knapp

    Normally have a good experience, but today had a very poor experience on the Customer Service Desk at the Horsham Store. I have left my comments on your survey and have requested a reply via e-mail. I will still visit the store as, up until now, your staff have always been friendly and helpful. The store is always clean and well stocked. Although I updated the Survey I was unable to enter the draw as the site seemed to crash when I entered my details. Please can you therefore enter me into this month’s draw.

  3. This Staff member is always helpful, and always smiling – her tinkling laugh always brightens my day! Her name is Linda Caird -(2389) Tesco Kingsway, Dundee – and she has been a great help to me over the past few months after I came out of Hospital having had a Brain Haemorrhage (I’m 73 on the 25th July), especially when I went shopping in a Tesco Wheelchair with the Red Cross assisting me for 6 weeks and later on the R.V.S in attendance, Linda was always there in the Self Service Checkout to see to my every need and asking after my very slow improvement – even now months later I’m not quite back to full health Linda always asks how I’m progressing and has a pleasant air about her! I’m not in Tesco daily as I used to be (now two or three times weekly I can manage) but look forward to my boost of the day meeting Linda…why isn’t everyone like this lady?

  4. Why does the scanner give one value of shopping basket contents, the receipt printed by the till give another value and the actual cost is yet another price. Fortunately, the actual cost is the lowest. The differences are under £1.00

  5. ANTHONY mellor

    A good many items that I bought on a regular basis have been omitted from your shelves in the last couple of years, too many to mention here. A lot of your foods contain far too much sugar, even so called health foods. There are lots of alternatives that contain reduced sugar levels, but you do not seem to stock them, fortunately some of your competitors do so I am forced to shop elsewhere for certain items which I do not like to do but needs must. I am only one of a growing number of diabetics, who have to look at every item I buy to see if it contains too much sugar.

  6. We were in your Cradley Heath store recently and were impressed by the customer service we received from someone called KIM. He was so helpful as we were unsure which computer to purchase. Even though it was not his actual section, he was willing to share his knowledge with us. A TRUE CREDIT TO YOUR STORE.

  7. I have done a large weekly Tesco shop online for years now and would like to complete the customer satisfaction survey. My domestic situation makes it difficult to visit in-store and it seems that in consequence I cannot complete the survey. Am I correct? If so, this seems very discriminatory. Would you kindly clarify the situation?

  8. coffee shop
    other coffee shops offer upto 25pence off the price of the drink if you bring your own reusable mug
    like costa

  9. Tried to enter survey,got to the part where you enter code, little wheel began spinning and as far as I know it’s still turning. Improve your site ir probably more people like me will say to hell with it.

  10. Today at the Helston Tesco Branch in Cornwall my shopping at the Shop and Scan section was selected for a full check of every item. Tedious. Very tedious because this is the 8 or 9 th occasion on which this has happened over a relatively short period. I was using my wife’s Clubcard which ends in***** 1130. She too has been stopped on a number of occasions in the same period. This is not a random selection given the footfall of the store. I would like my concerns addressed by either yourselves or the store manager Wayne Bennett so that whatever is prompting these checks can be removed from your data base. I would like an outcome to this not merely a response.

  11. Your cafe.tescoviews.com web site is unobtainable and has been for weeks so why continue to hand out cards asking for comments.

  12. Tesco Staff are always kind and helpful. My favourite member of staff was Mau, who works at the electronics desk, and without help from him would’ve left me paying £12.50 for a good headset when I could’ve got a much better headset with the same price. Thank you Mau and all other Tesco members of staff!

  13. A good experience in your Milford Haven store 10 am this morning. I was too early for a freshly baked apple pie; the assistant said “20 minutes; I said my bus would have gone by then. 10 minutes later the young male assistant caught up with me and handed me a lovely fresh apple pie! So I caught my bus happy! [I almost completed the customer survey but it jammed.]

  14. I was in the store Tesco Loughborough today around 8ish in the evening and didn’t realise that the meat area is closed so I ask the guy named Roland if I can still buy and he said yes.This lad is very helpful ,good job and well done.Even he finished tidying the area but still willing to help.Thank you😊

  15. Just like to say the staff at the Aston lane ,Aston branch are very helpful polite and considerate. I observed staff member on the till named Aleema deal with a difficult Costemer which was great 👍🏻

  16. Joan Valerie Telfer

    A helpful visit to Tesco’s at Pinner when Zeeya was at the checkout. A cheery smile helps get the job done and she took time to explain the local charity scheme.

  17. Website does not work, can not leave a review or do the survey ridiculous, cafe 5854 assistant polish lady
    Name cosgovo very polite excellent service.

  18. Once again very disappointed with the Atherton branch, left waiting at the deli counter, again, whilst an assistant chatted to a customer who wasn’t purchasing anything. I rarely visit Tesco any more as I always seem to be kept waiting at the counters but often see staff hanging around not doing anything. Last week there were at least 8 staff members around the till areas doing very little except chatting… will try to source the few things I buy from Tesco elsewhere

  19. Yesterday, the 8th October 2018 I visited the Tesco’s Store in Abingdon. I wanted to purchase enough fish for 3 people for a supper and initially chose the pre packed variety. I asked advice from the fresh fish counter too. Robert served me. He estimated what I would need made a comparison of price and found the correct amount from his counter. This employee was helpful knowledgeable polite and gave excellent advice. I recommend always asking for help when uncertain about portion size when buying fresh fish from the Abingdon Tesco’s. Thank you.

  20. Mr.Frank Vrenon Swift

    I( have used Tesco store since it was built in Congleton.It has been our choice,because we have got to know and like the staff,and it is rare that the items required are not available.

  21. Dear Tesco Management, I am trying to reduce the damage I do to the environment and so I prefer to buy loose vegetables (or small ones such as mushrooms in paper bags) and also to buy British if in season so that they have a lower carbon footprint with travel. So I have been rather sad to still see so much plastic in the fruit and veg section of Tesco. Two weeks ago I wanted to buy mushrooms but the British ones were in plastic while the loose ones were from Poland. And very little fruit can be bought loose. Last week I had to buy English applies in a plastic bag. Then for the fruit and veg that is loose, it is more expensive than those in plastic. I bought three loose peppers rather than buying in a bag but had to pay more. I appreciate that supermarkets cannot change overnight but with the shocking amount of plastic piling up and the IPCC report saying that we have only 12 years to reduce our pollution in order to not go over the 1.5 degrees, please could Tesco look to be more of a driver by changing their approach making it more attractive to shoppers to buy products not in plastic and locally grown. I appreciate that more plastic now can be recycled and I also understand that packing helps reduce food waste but still it would be good if we could buy more locally grown and loose produce. Thanks

  22. Ann Massam hull macular support group

    The HullMacular group meet the Hull St Stephens store once a month the store are so helpful to us giving us use of the community room for our committee meetings . They support this local group greatly with the help from Sam Holdsworth .


  24. Tesco Gallions Reach – Cafe.

    I visited the store on Thursday 25-10-2018 13.20. I ordered a fresh coffee. And when i tasted it. It didn’t taste right. So I took it back to the till where i was approached by waitress named Kelly. She was so aplogetic and helped to get me a fresh coffee that tasted amazing. She was so lovely and kind to me and made me feel comfortable about returning the product. I would highly recommend this worker as she had a positive attitude about her work place. She reassured me that it wasn’t a problem to return my product for a replacement, as I normally don’t like to say anything. But she made me feel calm and comfortable about it. She even told me to take a seat and when my coffee was done she Brought the coffe to me at my table.

    5 star for this worker she was amazing ❤️

  25. Went into Pitsea, Essex Tesco’s this morning to buy a nice fresh unsliced Large Farmhouse Loaf (new incentive bread doesn’t come in a bag, customer needs to bag the loaf they want). Looked around for a bag all small bags! apart from the Large Plastic bags which still didn’t allow you to get the loaf into the bag, a Tesco shopper employee suggested squashing the loaf down to fit in the plastic bag (that’s not going to happen) I asked the Baker if he had a large bag to accommodate my bread, after trying to expand the large plastic bag he then suggested to use the bread slicer machine (without slicing my bread) and bag it as those bags are slightly bigger – it worked.
    So to all Tesco Customers – if you buy a large Farmhuse and there are no bags ask the Baker to use their machine Bag.

  26. I would like to recognise the assistance we had from Belinda(2279) who works in your Cirencester branch. We were looking for a product which we, both pensioners, neither knew what it was and therefore did not have a clue where to locate it in the store. Belinda actually lead us to the location rather than just point us in the direction. A great big thank to her.

  27. Corstorphine (Edinburgh) Tesco Extra. Monday 29 October. I wanted to buy my usual 1.5litre bottle of Double Strength LEMON Squash (£1) but, as is all too often the case, it was sold out. There were ‘half size’ bottles (750ml) available but at 80p each.
    I really object to having to pay 60 pence extra for 2 smaller bottles. It is not my choice to buy smaller bottles. In such circumstances, I feel it only reasonable, and good service, to be able to buy the 2 bottles for £1.

  28. Updated our phones and returned for help. Staff at Broughton we’re so patient and helpful can’t Thank them enough (two OAPs)

  29. a poor slow experience at your Pontypridd store with sue hunter clearly too busy chatting with a friend people behind me moved tills

  30. I am trying to complete the survey but I get a message pop up that says this isn’t the correct site and may be a site gathering my data and to click go back???

  31. I have recently got a new mobile phone from Tesco, which I might add is brilliant I have had no problems with it the staff are very helpful to me with this product. Showing me how to top up and all things phoney, I wot ld recommend Tesco to one and all you really can’t go wrong.

  32. A very good experience I discovered the cafe only today can’t believe I so pleased with the service I’m going to become a client special cause I leave near by the big Tesco thank u for the good service I really enjoy 😊

  33. A very good experience I cant believe is near my house and I only discovered the cafe today I’m pleased with the good service (0278367005109) thank you so much

  34. Went to the local shop and Cathy from customer service was really helpful. She took me around the store and basically did my shop with me as i had no idea where the items were. Very impressed.
    Store 5851 Stoke on Trent

  35. Have recently upgraded my phone and would like to thank Dave and James from the Holyhead store .They .were both absolutely brilliant and could not have done without th,eir excellent advice and help,really appreciated Regards Linda Greenwood

  36. I had an amazing experience of fantastic customer service by Mark (on Electronics) and Leanne (I presume was a manager) in your Seaton store on Saturday. They went above and beyond to ensure we left with an Xbox One Black Friday deal when myself and my son had tried to obtain stock information over the phone to no avail and had driven from Chard to Axminster and then Seaton to try and track one down. We interrupted Leanne to ask for her help who immediately went searching for the one we were looking for. She then called on Mark, who searched in several different parts of the store and checked all other local stores stock before we were offered an alternative deal with a discounted controller which both myself and my son and daughter are extremely happy with. Would love to leave feedback for them on the tescoviews website but it will not let me. Thank you again both of you … fab!!

  37. Our family likes shopping from tesco where we find everything we want. Moreover tesco is my first shop I have used when I first enter UK.

  38. christopher christopher mackie

    Tesco delivery service is great as I have a serious medical condition, its great to have my shopping delivered

  39. Mrs Della Jones MBE

    I have been trying to give my feedback on my shopping experience today in Tesco Blandford Forum Branch but I was unable to open the page. I have been a loyal supporter of this store since before it opened as a local District Councillor I served on the planning Committee and gave my casting vote in approving the application. Since this time I have become very friendly with several members of staff who always call me by my Christian name which gives me such a pleasure. I have shopped today and found all the staff I had to deal with extremely efficient and helpful.. I picked up several bargains and managed to get everything on my shopping list so once again Tesco, well done. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and every happiness for the coming year from Della Jones MBE

  40. I would really like to record my appreciation of your Community Officer Claire-Louise Hunt, at your Tesco store in St. Austell. I am a member of the Management Committee of the Old Schoolroom, which is a recently renovated Community Space in the village of Gorran, Cornwall. We hold a weekly drop-in Coffee and Cake morning every Monday and throughout the year we hold fundraisers which help us to maintain this space. Claire-Louise has been very helpful when we have asked for donations of provisions for our
    fundraisers and on 17 December we were very pleased when she joined us for our Christmas Coffee and Cake morning. She is a very positive and cheerful lady and helped us to make the morning a great success. With her support,on behalf of Tesco, and the many people who attended, we were able to raise £247 for our facility. So a big thank you to Claire-Louise, who is a great ambassador for your community programme.

  41. Loving the new Tesco express store off wood Street in Cardiff ideal for snacks etc when I’m on my way to and from the railway station

  42. I have just completed a survey but would like to comment on the positioning and quality of the café in Banbury Store. It is located entirely in the wrong position and should be on the ground floor. In its present position it is dark and uninviting. Other local stores place more emphasis on this aspect of their store to good effect and thus encourage attendance in store

  43. Staff are always so helpful at all times night and day, that makes such a difference to my ‘ have to have food’ experiences.



  45. Laurencer Foord

    Fantastic service on my first full family shop since the Christmas break. Everything I needed was in stock and the store was clean and tidy with friendly staff as always.

  46. I have filled in the survey 4months in a row haven’t received any points I thought you were suppose to get 25 for each month really dissatisfied with survey .

  47. My wife and I shop at the Woodford Green Branch. Recently My Wife died. While she was ill Ivisited the pharmacy many times. Al staff without exception were kind helpful polite and extremely professional and were prepared to advise. I am most impressed.Not alone did they prepare the relevant prescription but they enquired about her health. The work very hard .Iam also pleased with all the Store Staff they are helpful and friendly Because of the above I do all my shopping at this stors Well done Tesco

  48. Darren Overend

    Tesco in Deighton
    Very easy and relaxed the staff are always smiling and polite.
    A troublesome and relaxing shop even in these hard times.

  49. I would like to say how pleased i am that merisa 2280 goes out of he way to help everyone both in store and in the community

    1. Great service. Plenty of good deals.
      Tesco’s own is really good quality too. Tesco’s finest is as good as brand names!

  50. I always use my local tesco store on Liverpool Road, Eccles I call in on my way to work daily and after I finish for a few things, I always have good service and the staff are polite and never have a problem helping anyone with queries

  51. Once again at Folkestone cheriton they have few real staff checkouts but have half the self service tills closed – I don’t think they want you to check out!!!’

  52. Went to shop in bicester village while on holiday in Oxford. We found the tesco round the corner of the shopping center, and very much satisfied with the customer service a the range of the products in the store. Absolutely 💯.

  53. Just back from my local Tescos and on checking my receipt found out the cashier had rung an item through twice.i know it was only 90 pence but its still better in my account than a supermarkets chain.

  54. Sharon Morris in the Clevedon store always goes above and beyond to ensure any problems are dealt with swit and always comes back with an answer. No2288 ticket hope she wins and me

  55. Always shop in burseldon towers staff on the counters are always friendly and happy to help. There is a lady been there a long time. Always makes time to make me feel comfy and always gives great service. Asset to the company

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