About Tesco

As a top global retailer with more than 345,000 employees, our goal is to provide consumers with accessible, wholesome, and sustainable food every day so they can live healthier and more convenient lives.


This summer, Tesco makes it even simpler to support regional food banks and charities.

Tesco is making it simpler than ever for customers to donate money to organizations that feed people in their neighborhood.

From Thursday, June 30 to Saturday, July 2, shoppers are invited to donate long-life food to help local food banks in the Trussell Trust’s network and thousands of frontline charities supported by FareShare. The Tesco Food Collection is taking place in every large Tesco store around the UK. Tesco will add an additional 20% cash donation to all food donations made during the collection to benefit the two charities.

Customers can now round up their purchases at the register to give a little donation to both organizations, making it even simpler for them to give. Additionally, some stores will provide pre-filled donation bags containing some of the products that are most in need.

More permanent donation points are now available in every Tesco Express store in the UK, making it possible for consumers to help charities at Express stores all year long. This makes it easier than ever for customers who purchase at Express stores to do so. Additionally, customers can contribute their Tesco Clubcard vouchers online to either charity.