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Tesco views at www.tescoviews.com  is an amazing survey that provides you an amazing opportunity to win a £1000 gift card along with 25 club points. All you have to do is to fill out the survey at www.tescoviews.com and grab your chance to win your enormous prize of £1000. This is a simple customer feedback survey from Tesco. The Tesco survey is a source of direct interaction between customers and the management of the company.


Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the UK. To know about their services they initiate their online survey known as TescoViews. By completing the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey you can win a £1,000 Tesco gift card and collect free 25 Clubcard points. If you recently visited Tesco Store and you have a receipt, then visit the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey website and take a part in the Tesco survey.

What you have to do is to fill out the questionnaire related to the products and services of Tesco for their customers. Your candid feedback is one of the most important things required to make better changes. Tesco Views feedback can lead you to win £1000 grand prize and 25 club points.

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What TescoViews Want to Know?

They want to know about the quality and products they offered to their customers. Along with this, they want to know the standards of cleanliness, their environment and will you refer it to your friends and family. What was the type of order and how much did you enjoy shopping here?


Tesco ranks itself as one of the famous and renowned store chains which have a wide variety of fresh milk, dairy, and other grocery items for daily use. This article is really useful for you if you want to take the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey. It’ll provide you with accurate and brief details related to www.tescoviews.com survey.

Prerequisites: Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey

Make sure to have:


  • A valid and in-use Tesco receipt. Provide your date of visit and a code of 4 digits from your recently visited receipt.
  • Further, a PC, a smartphone, and a laptop.
  • Understanding of either English or Spanish as the Tesco survey is only available in these languages.

Rules: Tesco Feedback Survey

Follow the following rules:

  • Be 18 or more at the time of your participation in the Tesco feedback survey.
  • Legal residency in UK or USA is a must.
  • When you’ll enter data and code 1st thing they will make sure that you are not the employee or the family of the employee. They are banned from the www.tescoviews.com survey.


Rewards and Prizes from Tesco Store Survey

  • £1000 gift card every month.
  • 25 Tesco Survey Club Points.

Step by Step Guideline for www.tescoviews.com

  • Go to their official website or click below to start the survey.

  • Enter 4 digit code and the date of your visit. If you don’t have a survey code then you can use this TescoViews Survey code which is 2806 and the time of visit is 12 April 2018. (This is just for a dummy so you can understand it well).
  • Make sure you are not an employee of Tesco.
  • Answer next, the time and date of your visit. After that, they will ask you different questions related to the services, and the employees. You have to tell them if you are a student or not or your income.
  • After answering all the questions, they will thank you for your honest and candid feedback. You are now a member of the sweepstakes to win a £1000 gift card.
  • Make sure to give your candid feedback and accurate contact info so in case of a win. They contact you.

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Contact Info: Tesco Views Survey

Their contact information is mentioned on their website and all the links are available. So make sure to contact them in case of any complaint.

  • Customer service: 0800 505555
  • Technical support: 0800 323 4060

Tesco was founded decades ago in 1919 by Jack Cohen Their business expanded so rapidly and in a few decades, the number of stores reaches 100. Brands like MacDonald, Morrison, Mark & Spencer , Aldi and many more brands conduct these survey just to provide top notch customer service to their consumers. This is the reason, to this day, the brand building has been an immense point for the conduct of these surveys.

I hope this article will provide you with all the details related to your www.tescoviews.com survey. Make sure to take part in the Tesco Views Survey and grab your chance to win £1000.

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  1. I had a VERY disappointing experience at TESCO 2035 store’s checkout number 2022, Canon Park, Coventry. The cashier refused to sell me alcohol, despite my age being clearly over the legal limit. I am 42 years old, and it seems unnecessary to question my age. Moreover, I noticed other customers buying alcohol without being asked for ID. This, combined with their arrogant attitude and the noticeable lack of similar checks for other customers, made for a POOR shopping experience. I hope for more consistent and respectful service in the future.

  2. In Downham Market Tesco (3036) this morning there was an empty space where the Alpro Oat No Sugars should be. Sophie was busy on the other side of the aisle, but when I asked her if there was any in the store she readily – and good-naturedly – went away to look. It took a long time as the milk I wanted turned out to be right at the bottom of the pile, but she was still smiling on her return and had quite obviously been glad to help, rather than doing it because it was expected of her. Thanks Sophie – Have a Happy Christmas!

  3. I was hoping to enter the win your Christmas shop on line. It its too complicated for me (aged 79). I don’t know how to download & photo till receipts.
    You should make it easier to enter, as many are missing out.

  4. I went into my local Tesco on the 09.12.2023 the customer service was outstanding. I had a basket not thinking I would do much shopping then I realised it was getting a little heavy,a young man by the name of Khizar carried my basket to the till area then went and got a trolley for me. I went back to pick a few more bits up and came back to the till We’re a cashier by the name of Stephanie Mitchell 2686 came round from her position and helped me carry the baskets to her till. My visit that day made me feel like a valued customer. All the staff are lovely and nothing is too much trouble for them in my opinion. Viaduct Street branch. Thank you and a merry Christmas to you all.

  5. I was recently in my local Mossley Hill express store and was helped by a lovely woman named Jackie, who helped me locate some of the items I needed. All the staff are always friendly and very helpful.

  6. Debbie on Till 21 served me this morning 20th May at the Tesco Extra, Carmarthen. She was really helpful and I just wantedvto say Thank you, she is a great asset to Tesco!

  7. Samantha Morris

    I shop every Sunday for my family and my father- in-law, the staff are always helpful and polite especially Nicky Moody.

  8. Patricia Jarrett

    Sultana at the hammersmith broadway was a great help to me this afternoon she was patient helpful polite took good care of my needs as I have a disability ratings 9 out 10

  9. I use Tesco express mainly, love the meal deal, very disappointing that they no longer do the chicken club sandwich!

  10. Jeanette Williams

    Looked everywhere for a new ironing board. Guess what tesco to the rescue again.should always look tesco ist.and the best staff aswell thank you just one I wanted

  11. Ben was very helpful with my delivery, I have arthritis and am unable to carry anything heavy, but even in the heat, brought my shopping up the stairs to my flat and put the trays in the kitchen for me to put away. Cheerful and polite. A credit to Tesco.

  12. Lorraine Crook

    Every time I visit Tesco store in my local area the staff are always very friendly and helpful. I nip in to get small shops along with the large shop and also use the coin master. The toilets are always clean which is a massive bonus during present times. They will open a till for you even later on in the evenings. I would recommend my local Tesco to all my friends and family. Time of visit 19.20 on the 23/07/22 code 4837

  13. Rebecca Chivers

    Leena is amazing at Whaley Bridge Tesco. Always so helpful and never without a smile. I hate shopping as a rule but she always puts me at ease with her gentle and carefree manner.

  14. I visit today Sheffield Tesco store savile st and the lady sarve me I am not happy she didn’t give me £4.00 coupons discount and one of the item she charged me £1.80 for Galia melon it was £1.00 on the shelf

  15. Cheryl Saxton

    Went to store 3181
    Heath works on the till, he is so happy and chats to all the customers, people queue at his till, you know when he is working as he sings and have a laugh with all the customers,
    I always go to his till, so do other customers

  16. I have been a tesco shopper since they opened I have been very satisfied customer with the service since Tesco opened I am 83

  17. Loyal customer for many years. Will not shop at Tesco again. 5 pm on a Friday and Tesco think it’s ok to have 2 tills open at an Extra store. This has been going on for weeks and there are plenty of staff but they are all filling home delivery orders instead of serving the people actually shopping in store. Today I had enough and left a full trolley because I had been queuing for 20 minutes and was still no where to being served.( I did inform a member of staff so I didn’t just abandon it). Absolutely disgusting way to treat loyal customers. I will be shopping elsewhere from now on.

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