Why Glasses are Better than Lenses?

There was a time when people used to make fun of those who wore glasses. But it has changed now gradually and now people wear their glasses with pride and no hesitation. As it has become a symbol of intellect and success. Wearing contact lenses was also a trend but now this trend is being shifted again towards wearing glasses as they are more safer and carry less hazard to the eyes.

Let’s get down to business and discuss what exactly are the benefits of wearing glasses instead of contact lenses.

Experience more freedom

People who wear glasses experience far more freedom as compared to contact lenses. Why, because they will not have to worry about sleeping with them as you don’t have to carry the extra weight of solutions and eye drops. People using contact lenses always have to carry their extra luggage with them including solutions, contact lens case and eye drops. On the other hand, the one using glasses is free from all this and only has to carry his or her glasses.

You’ll feel more relaxed at the end of the day

Nowadays due to advancement in technology, all jobs require the use of laptops and computers. Like me, many people these days spend a lot of time facing screens this renders dryness of eyes and irritation. People using lenses have to face this problem far more than those who don’t. wearing glasses has an advantage over this problem as there is special anti-reflective and anti-glare glass available that increase night vision and leads to less stress caused by more screen exposure.

Wearing glasses will make you unique

Looking like everyone else is a bit boring and having a unique feature adds a plus point. So when a person wears glasses which enhances his or her features it will surely make you unique out of the whole crowd. On the other hand, people with contact lenses are not recognized as unique as no one knows they are wearing them unless you tell them.

Enhance your features

If you choose your glasses according to your facial features, you’ll surely be going to enhance your features that will make a convincing impact on the person who sees you. You will become more memorable due to this ad on a feature. While people wearing contact lenses are not able to enjoy all these benefits.

More improved eye health

Whenever you go for a checkup to the doctor you might have witnessed them wearing glasses. So it is proved that glasses are preferred by doctors as well.

Wearing contact lenses can cause aberration of the lens and cornea. The oxygen supply to the lens of the eye is decreased because of using contact lenses. The only oxygen supply the cornea gets is from the contact with the atmosphere as it lacks blood vessels at this place. So while wearing lenses you have to check the timings and avoid prolonged use of lenses.

Hypoxia can also occur due to use of the lenses, redness of eyes and eye discomfort are some of the problems caused due to use of contact lenses.

On the other hand, wearing glasses decreases the risk of hypoxia and eye discomfort due to dryness.

Easy on the pocket

Glasses are easy to manage and cost way less than a contact lens. Contact lens are expensive themselves and also you have to buy other solutions etc. but sometimes special add on of glasses are expensive too. In short, glasses are less costly.

Easy to handle

Glasses are easy to handle for the bearer. You just have to carry the glasses and no other solutions or drops for their cleansing as in contact lens.

Anyone can wear them

Glasses are safer because anyone of any age group can wear them with no physical or chemical hazard. On the other hand, lenses are recommended for people are mature enough to handle their contacts.

You look cool

Earlier it was considered wearing glasses was old school, but now the times have changed and these days many non prescribed glasses are worn. Many celebrities are wearing glasses just for style and it looks good. For example Jessica Alba, Emma Watson, and John Elton etc.

Overall safe use of glasses

Use of glasses is overall safe as there is no risk of infection. It is the safest vision correction form. Even glasses prevent debris and dust to enter into your eyes and provide a shield against it. On the other hand, the use of a contact lens is more prone to catch infections as all conditions are not sterilized.

More choices

While selecting frames of glasses you have more choice in this regard and you can choose your frames according to your taste, mood and facial features. In the case of contact lens you don’t have any such options, you can only change the color of the lens and that’s it.

Integral part

People who have been wearing glasses their whole life consider their glasses as an integral part of themselves. They feel their appearance incomplete without them.

No harm in extended wear

Glasses are far safer then lenses as they do not irritate the eyes and vision. While people using contact lenses have to take care of their time of wearing lens as extended wear of lens can irritate eyes and leads to eye discomfort. You have to remove your lens before sleeping and you cannot doze off with them which is another problem related to using contact lens.

Signature look

Once you find your perfect match of a pair of glasses it will make you want to wear them more. It will also make your signature look and you will stand out in the crowd.

Makeup flaws are hidden

If you have less time to get ready and you mess up your liner, then by wearing glasses can hide this flaw and you can confidently glam and glow. But in case of lenses, your messy makeup cannot be hidden.

These were some advantages of glasses over contact lenses. In short, it is concluded that the use of glasses is safer than contact lenses because it renders less hazard to the eyes.

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