Safest Countries to Visit in 2022

When we have to decide where to plan vacations to or which country is the best to spend quality time with your loved ones, personal safety and security is a major concern. There are some factors which are to be kept in mind while deciding which country is the safest to visit, these factors include:

  • Number and duration of internal conflicts
  • Number of deaths from external or internal organized conflicts
  • Relations with neighboring countries
  • Crime levels
  • Numbers of political refugees
  • General political stability
  • Impact of terrorism and levels of political terror
  • Levels of violent crime
  • Likelihood of violent crime
  • Weapons and nuclear capability
  • Military expenditure
  • Amount of armed personnel

By considering all these factors here we will tell you about the top ten of the safest countries which you should consider before departing on your next international trip. The list which we will provide you here will show that it is generally safer to visit European countries as compared to other countries in the world.


Iceland is the safest of all the countries in the world. It has the Global Peace Index of 1.095. This clearly indicates that Iceland is the safest country in all other countries. We all know that peace is very important for the development of a country. In Iceland, that is not an exception. In Iceland, the crime rate is very low and very few people are in jails. So, this is one of the world’s safest country you can visit.


Switzerland is the name synonymous with peace. It has a Global Peace Index of 1.407.  In 1815, when they were attacked by Napoleon, they literally have not been involved in a single war. They have permanent and self- imposed policy of Swiss neutrality, instead, they are involved in the peacebuilding process worldwide. It has a natural feature that physically separates it from the outside world, mountains, they form a natural border for part of the country.

Switzerland will just impress you if you just pay a visit to it. This country is very peaceful and with this peace, the country has developed to be one of the economic powers. No external or internal conflicts are found in this country. Due to the peaceful state of Switzerland, it is developing at a fast rate. It is a visually stunning country with beautiful landscapes. It has a high gun ownership rate and has low crime rates.


Australia is a perfect destination for you if you want perfect vacations with your family, as it is the safest country you can travel to.  It also has a very peaceful environment. It has a Global Peace Index of 1.435. Australia boasts the lowest serious crime levels in the world. It welcomes 25 million visitors every year. Street crime is the lowest here. Australia has certain natural advantages when it comes to your security, especially when considering it from a military perspective.

First, it is surrounded by water, so trying to establish an amphibious attack on Austria, would be a nightmare execute. Next, the largest urban areas of Australia are very spread throughout the country, though if an enemy wants to bomb Australia, they would have to use several nuclear weapons.

New Zealand:

New Zealand has a global Peace Index of 1.192 and it has low levels of violent crimes. They also have a comprehensive government safety regulation program. They have a small sustainable population and a very minimal disease. There are no dangerous animals found in New Zealand.

New Zealand also has some beautiful landscapes which you should see if you pay a visit to New Zealand. Another thing about this country is the view of its beaches. There are no external or internal conflicts found in this country. You can surely visit this country because it is known to be a very safe place to visit.


When it comes to cases of homicides and access to weapons, Japan has been ranked as one of the countries with very little cases of the sort. It has a Global Peace Index of 1.391.  Japanese are a polite nation.  They also have the lowest gun crime rates and has one of the highest life expectancies.

The people who love to experience new adventures and likes to travel, there is also an advantage for them here as the country has improved transport systems especially the railway transport network. The transport system has seen its very many people visiting the country so as to improve the tourism sector. It is a comprehensively safe place to live.


Slovenia has the Global Peace Index of 1.396. This is a country known to have very little activities for criminals. It has low crime rates and no such major conflicts are heard about this country. All the credit goes to their police who have worked tooth and nail to stop such issues. Their presence around the country’s street has made the citizens be assured of peace and feel safe. This is making the country to develop at a very high rate. Explorers who are looking for gems are assured of peace. They have therefore done their work very well. It is one of the safest and most beautiful countries to visit.


It is not just the most peaceful country in the world, but it is also believed to be the happiest country in the world. It has a Global Peace Index of 1.353. Traveling to Denmark is a very safe business. The country’s happiness is brought about by the peaceful coexistence of the people. Many people visit Denmark because of its peaceful environment and many of the foreign investors have come making it grow and become very rich.


Fiji is a popular tourist destination due to it’s excluded location perfect to escape the stresses of the modern world. It has 322 islands, which makes the idea of the ground attack completely impossible. Due to its isolated location, it is extremely difficult to get amphibious troops to the islands. If you like coconuts and think of catching some fish, Fiji would be the best place for you.


You may think that the United States which is the neighbor, is more peaceful. The reason behind this is that Canada has very minimal criminal activities and weapon acquisition cases as compared to the US. It has a Global Peace Index of 1,372. Therefore it is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. The people living in Canada are very friendly and caring and you will just enjoy visiting its cities like the well- known Toronto.


It has a Global Peace Index of 1.318. The country is known to be very beautiful and the cost of living is very low. The reason for this is the peaceful environment which it offers to every visitor. The country is very peaceful.

So, here we have provided you with the list of the top 10 safest countries which you can visit and where you can plan vacations in 2019. We hope this list will help you in selecting the safest country to travel to.

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