How to Make your Wife Happy in 11 Ways

When you love your wife, you care about her happiness and peace. If you want your wife to stay happy and your marriage to last forever, you have to make some effort. Take good care for her and provide her with what she deserves. Following are the 11 ways to make your wife happy and satisfied.

1.    Tell her that you love her

In many relationships, the couple loses their initial warmth because they don’t bother to tell their partner ‘I love you’. This simple three-worded phrase tells your commitment towards the marriage. Saying ‘I love you’ the simplest way to express your love and affection towards her and it will surely make her happy. Make it your daily routine and express your love every day so that she is sure she’s the one you love the most. Saying ‘I love you’ is the key to a healthy relationship and it gives her a sense of safety and security.

2.    Appreciate her

Thank your wife for what she has done for you because she is not obligated to do things for you, she does them because she loves you. Appreciate her love, her work, and her looks too, tell her she looks beautiful. Notice when she dresses up and praises her. Tell her how spectacular she is and remind her and yourself that you feel lucky to have her; it will make her happy and loved. Make sure she feels valued and appreciated to ensure the strength of your relationship and the happiness of your partner. Make a little effort to show what she means to you because she has been multi-tasking the whole day to get your things done and she really deserves appreciation for that.

3.    Focus on her needs

Put your wife first; ask her what she needs instead of just getting it done your way. Focus on her wishes and desires, your attention and concern will make her glad. Bring your wife what she wants because she does all the chores for you and your house, she makes it a better place to live so it’s your duty to make her feel good and fulfill her needs and desires. Happy wife leads to a happy life so just try to make her happy and blessed to have you.

4.    Listen to her

When your wife opens her heart to you, don’t disappoint her and try to just listen to everything carefully and understand the matter. Listen to her lovingly, just put everything down, turn towards her, look into her eyes and give her all your attention. If it’s about a fight, listen to her without being biased and get her point of view. For a healthy communication between you and your wife, let her speak her heart and explain her position, look from her eyes and set your opinions aside to be fair.

5.    Be gentle

Treat your wife with grace and don’t be harsh on her if you truly love her. Make her feel like a queen. Even if you get into a fight just remember how much she means to you and doesn’t let your emotions drive you wild. She deserves love and affection so be gentle and loving to her and give her respect. Never devalue and disrespect your wife because it’s her right to be loved and valued. Be forgiving, care for her and cherish her to make your marriage last your lifetime. Gentle words make your wife feel special and happy.

6.    Defend her

Stand up for your wife whenever she feels weak. Women love when their partner protects them in the time of despair. Women want their husband to be strong and fight for them in the biggest battles of life. She needs a hero who can protect her from the dark side of life; you need to be her knight in shining armor. You have to honor her, stand next to her and hold her hand through all the ups and downs.

7.    Support her

Whatever she wants to do let her do and stand for her. Respect her decisions and encourage her with your positive words. Help her accomplish her dreams and get what she wants. You are the one who’s a support means everything to her so don’t be a disappointment for her and encourage your lady to prosper in life. Your actions must be supportive of her dreams and goals in life. Just go along with all her crazy ideas as long as they are harmless because it’s her life too and you want her happy.

8.    Trust her

Trust is the main factor that plays its important part in successful marriages. Be open-minded about the fact that your wife is a human with fortes and faults and accept her as she is. Trust her with what she does. First of all, trust yourself that you’re a good husband and eventually you will build trust for your wife too. Trust is important in every relationship to keep it going but honesty is also important, be honest with your wife and expect her to be honest as well. It will help you develop trust and it will ensure your marriage to stay forever.

9.    Criticize carefully

Do not be harsh on your wife when she does something wrong. Tell her in the right way about her mistake so that she can improve it instead of panicking over it. Usually small and stupid matters become a reason to big fights, to avoid that you have to tell her softly about her omission and give her a decent way out of the matter instead of bashing her.

10.    Know what’s important to her

Pay attention to her likes and dislike, know what she cares about. Women usually give little hints about their desires and you have to store them in your mind and fulfill them, they are just simple things like a teapot they’ve lost or a ring they want. Observe her and know what she wants, care for the people important in her life and get the things that mean to her.

11.    Spend quality time with her

Go on a date, take her on a walk, hold her hand and talk to her about random stuff, smile at her, watch her favorite show and make her feel special. A good quality time spent together can help a lot, it will make both of you relaxed and happy so just take her hand and enjoy your life with your love.

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