10 Health Benefits of Herbal Tea 2022

Herbal teas are a great health benefit because they contain what’s called anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants battle against these things in our body called free radicals which we produce, and these free radicals cause us to age, they cause illness and sickness. Anti-oxidants help you get rid of those free radicals and reduces the risk of many diseases leading to living a healthy life.

Unlike the coffee and other standard teas, herbal teas are a good source of mineral, vitamins, and anti-oxidants and usually do not contain caffeine. People who are trying to better their health naturally they tend to choose to drink Herbal teas.

10 Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

There are many health benefits of herbal teas on basis of which kind of herbal tea you choose and what is your goal to achieve through it. Following are ten health benefits of herbal tea

Weight loss

One of the main uses of herbal teas these days is to lose weight. Many herbal teas are used to burn or dissolve extra fat content in our body and maintain a healthy proportion of both mass and fat i.e. lean body mass.

Helps fight cold

For centuries herbal teas are being used to treat cold and its symptoms. Herbal tea is good to cure a sore throat and relieves nasal passages and reduces the symptoms of asthma.


Herbal teas are a good remedy to promote digestion. Herbal teas like chamomile, cinnamon, peppermint and ginger tea help in reducing the cause of vomiting, bloating and indigestion. A component in herbal tea help in emptying of the stomach by a breakdown of larger molecules of food.

Treat allergies and boosts the immune system

Herbal tea is also good for treating allergies especially allergies related to air passageways. Herbal teas soothe these passages and save us from allergens attack. When these herbal teas protect you against oxidative stress, so they save you from serious diseases and improves immunity.

Memory and mental alertness

Many herbal teas are famous for their ability to boost memory and helping the person stay focused for a long time. Ginseng tea is good for this purpose.

Sleep aid and relieve anxiety

Herbal teas like chamomile tea help in relieving stress and in this way help the person get better sleep. Taking herbal teas helps you concentrate more on the subject on hand and soothes the senses too.

Prevents the aging process

As discussed earlier herbal teas contain a lot of anti-oxidants so they can slow down the process of aging. By decreasing the number of free radicals in our body, these anti-oxidants reduce the cells that are aging in our body.

Better skin

Due to the presence of anti-oxidants in herbal teas, they are also very helpful in maintaining healthy skin. They can also help reduce acne.  You can not only drink herbal tea but also apply it on to your skin for best results.

Maintains blood pressure

Consuming herbal teas helps blood pressure patients lower it naturally. The most positive effect of this herbal tea is that they have no side effects.

Lessens inflammation

Drinking herbal tea really helps in decreasing inflammation and reduces pain caused by arthritis. Swelling can also be reduced by consuming herbal teas on a daily basis.

Different types of Herbal Teas and their benefits

On basis of what you are looking for to get out of an herbal tea, you can choose several different types, for example, some people like

  • Chamomile tea is beneficial for sleep, headache, anxiety, bloating. Chamomile tea is great for its anti-anxiety and its anti-stress property. This tea helps you sleep better as it aids in relieving stress. A cup of chamomile tea before bed may help you sleep.
  • Ginger tea can assist in digestion and it is also great for relieving an upset stomach. It reduces boating, helps in getting rid of a cold, upset stomach and sore throat.
  • Ginseng tea is known to be great for memory and for mental alertness.
  • Peppermint tea has a compound that has disease preventing and health promoting agents. A cup of peppermint tea is good in relieving excess gas, bloating and stomach discomfort. Peppermint tea is a remedy for bloating nausea, PMS, bad breath. peppermint tea is also known for fighting colds.
  • Hibiscus tea: it is best for high blood pressure, respiratory diseases.
  • Oolong tea: it is helpful in promoting weight loss and boosts metabolism.
  • Chai tea: it enhances the immune system, fights inflammation and cold.
  • Matcha tea: it burns belly fat, immunity booster, detoxifier.
  • Black tea: treats anxiety, promotes weight loss, good for relieving from a headache.
  • White tea: beneficial for stress, weight loss, and detoxification.

More Herbal Tea Benefits:

  • Linden flower tea: the phytonutrient content of Linden helps relieve inflammatory conditions such as headaches, arthritis, and joint pain. Compounds found in Linden alleviate symptoms of constipation, bloating and indigestion.
  • Rooibos tea: this herbal tea is great for your skin. Due to its antioxidant capabilities, it helps prevent acne and lessens the occurrence of wrinkles and aging. This tea is also very potent for the treatment of headaches and allergies.
  • Rosehip tea: it comes from plants of rose and they are rich in vitamin C and because of this it is very good for healthy skin and for the immune system.
  • Sage Tea: potent healing powers of sage may lower the risk of heart disease, relieve asthma symptoms, and may help prevent high blood glucose. Research implies that acids in sage can improve memory, to treat anxiety and nervousness, and to relieve indigestion.
  • And of course, green tea which is the latest buzz right now which is known for its metabolic properties. Green tea is used to help speed up your metabolism and it is also used for weight loss. it treats bloating, allergies and acne. It is helpful in promoting weight loss.

In general, drinking teas can help hydrate. They can also help you stay full when you are eating a meal so that way if your goal is only weight loss you are not only getting these great anti-oxidants. 

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