Best Things to do in Tokyo 2022

If you are travelling to Tokyo and want to know where to go, what to eat and want to keep things as cheap as possible then this is the right place for you to get all the information. Tokyo is the greatest cities in the world. It really is the city of lights and can be overwhelming. So many places to go to, so many things to eat etc. Here are some of the most top things you should do when you go to Tokyo.

1.    Shibuya crossing

This is a must see for all visitors. The famous Shibuya crossing located just outside Shibuya station. It is recommended to come here after the sun goes down so that way you get the full effect with the neon lights and screens on the buildings all lit up while you try and navigate your way through the hundreds of people trying to cross this iconic intersection.

2.    Sushi train

Now make your way to the sushi train. Japan is all about sushi and they do it better than anywhere else in the world. Going to a sushi train is not only an amazing eating experience but also highly entertaining and a great introduction to Japanese food.

3.    Don Quijote

It is an insanely cheap store with absolutely everything you can think of and is a perfect chance to pick up some cheap souvenirs from your trip.

4.    Yakiniku

Yakiniku means grilled meat in Japanese. But what you get is much more than your average meat thrown on a grill. The texture and flavor will make you wish you chose an all you can eat option which at this place you can. Most popular among them is the wagyu beef. Yakiniku is definitely a must eat food while you are traveling.

5.    Yakitori

Now head out to eat some Yakitori. It is a delicious chicken skewer snack food here in Japan.

6.    Sensoji temple

In Asakusa, you will find Sensoji which is Tokyo’s oldest temple and very sacred to Japanese culture. It is a must visit place in Tokyo. A good tip here is to throw a 5-yen coin in as that is luckier for your wish, hopefully, your wish will come true. The structure of the building does really look unbelievable up close at night with it all lit up it really is a beautiful temple. With so many people around, it is an interesting place to see how people spiritually interact in this environment.

So, make sure to come here not only to take in the amazing views but to also take part and join in on the little rituals before heading up the steps of the temple. It is a great way to escape for a few hours the city streets of Tokyo and take in this wonderful place. While you are here also making sure to wander on the food street. Here you will find many restaurants and plenty of street food to choose from.

7.    Akihabara

With the nickname electric town here is where you will find all your electronic needs. Also famous for being the hub of Amine culture, Akihabara is a must visit while you are here in Tokyo. It is also a perfect place for a go at the claw machine. While in Tokyo you will notice these machines everywhere. Make sure to throw in some coins and have a go. It is great fun and could be the perfect souvenir with the story to go with it. While in Akihabara also take advantage of the free games you will see in some stores.

8.    Kaiserdom

All the gaming must have made you hungry now stop into an eatery and try some Kasen don.

9.    Tsukiji fish market

A trip to Tokyo isn’t complete without taking a visit to the Tsukiji fish market. There are free samples at some stalls and you can get some bargain prices for really good quality food. There are many restaurants in the market however it is highly recommended trying fresh seafood straight from the food stalls.

10. Nakano Broadway and Maguro mart

Take a ride to Nakano station and a short walk away is the Nakano Broadway. A shopping complex becoming more and more well known for its anime items up for sale. It is highly recommended coming here not just as an alternative to Akihabara as Nakano Broadway is unique. Always remember to also look down surrounding streets for all popular places in Tokyo as it’s a great tip in finding cool areas. Also close to Nakano station is Maguro Mart, a restaurant that specializes in all thing’s tuna.

It is a quirky little place as you have tuna surrounding you in every sense. If you like your tuna, then this is the place for you. They serve it in every way and use every part of the tuna. Each tuna comes served differently and with its own unique flavor. Some you will just dip in your sauces and others you will cook on your own with a little personal heating stove. This way you get to enjoy the food exactly how it suits you and it’s a local place to go and you will not see many tourists here.

11. Gado Shita in Shimbashi

Another great place to hang out is the Gado shita in Shimbashi. In between Shimbashi and Yurakucho stations, you will find the Gado-Shita Izakayas. It is a street lined with Izakayas underneath the railway tracks. While in Izakaya make sure you order one of the most common drinks Japan, Shochu. It is an alcoholic beverage and you can get it in many forms including in cocktails.

12. Shimokitazawa

If fashion is your thing or if you are into all thing’s hipster then Shimokitazawa is a must visit a place on your Tokyo trip. There are so many great cheap vintage stores here which are perfect to pick out your new Tokyo vintage look for when you head back home. It is also a good place to get some second hand uniquely heat tech for the cold weather. Some of the stores can be incredibly cheap and you can pick out some great bargains.

These were some of the things you should do while your visit to Tokyo. Of course, Tokyo has even more things to do as it is that kind of city. The possibilities are endless thanks to heaps of opportunities provided by the city. 

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